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Our Solutions

Our Current Top Solutions are:

  • Digi Diary

  • Textile Design Manager

  • Barcode Solutions

  • Whole Order Prcocessor for Industries

  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart

  • File Uploader-Downloader Through FTP

  • Google Maps Root Mapping

  • Invoice Management System

  • Online – Offline Sync Manager

Our Work History, we have worked on various solutions:

  • Garment (a complete accounting + inventory + barcode solution)

  • School (fees + exam + attendance)

  • Agencies

  • Automobile

  • Corrugated Box Industries

  • Address Book

  • Catalog Designer

  • Publisher

  • Book Shop

  • Clinic

  • Medical Store & Agencies

  • Garment with Manufacturer working

  • Payroll

  • Payroll PF Calculation

  • Ply Invoice Management System (Complete Accounts + Inventory)

  • General purpose small software

  • Transport costing

  • Store Management

  • Visiting Card/ Label Designer (Dynamic)

  • Finance

  • Attendance (With Machine Working Also)

  • Courier Management

  • An optimization project in VC++

  • Voice recording by detecting headphone and mic device, made recording, replaying and storing classes for storing sound into wave formats physical in system (.wav files), project is done in

  • Catalog Designer in

  • Share market data update and showing using

  • XML builder in

  • FTP file synchronizer for uploading and downloading files using thread mechanism in

  • Flash Websites

  • Completly Dynamic Websites

  • Static Websites

  • Online share market modules

  • Ticket Management System

  • Online Invoice-Inventory Management System

  • Online Barcode Solutions + online-offline synchronization

  • Online Order CRM

  • Address Book Manager for publisher industries for printing address labels

  • Textile Industries Management Software

  • Online Accounts Software

  • Order Management Software

  • Courier Software

  • Website login module

  • Root optimization using google maps – a daily appointment handling software to solve Travelling Sales Man problem

  • Vehicle Service Manager (online)

  • Ecommerce shopping cart site (Oscommerce)

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